Jobs, jobs, jobs is a common refrain heard around Squamish, and is a question with no easy answers.

While the Squamish municipal government cannot directly create employment, it must create an environment that makes it possible for existing business to grow, and actively promotes our community as a place to bring industry. From entrepreneurs to existing companies, Squamish needs to build a reputation as a no nonsense place to do business. Our government needs to explore the use of flexible taxation and Development Cost Charges as a means to encourage investment in our community, and use incentives to pursue the business sectors that have been identified in the 2010 District of Squamish Outline for Economic Development Activities.

To ensure we are effective in our economic development activities, clear goals need to be developed and shared with the community, and appropriate resources need to be committed to reaching the economic development goals of the district. Our municipal government has to reach out to leading economic development offices in other cities to learn best practices and strategies for success. We need to be innovative in our approach, flexible in our attitude, and willing to go after what we want for our community.